24 Feb 2020

How Social Media Interaction Can Boost Your Brand Awareness


The newest addition to our service is just starting and it is starting strong.


Businesses and brands do not need to be convinced by the importance of social media and active user interaction. A study from August 2019 showed that 74% of consumers are following brands and 96% of these are interacting with the social media page. This also plays a role in the decision process to buy a certain product.


Having a well curated social media profile is one thing, but having an active audience is the other. This is where our community can help you!


Transparent Marketing is what ClickIn establishes on a broad scale. Giving our community an incentive to check out your profile, being actively advertised to and build trust between the brand and our user. Instead of investing in unsuspicious or blend in advertisements, we have build up a community that capitalizes on their free time. Giving brands and businesses an active community to interact with and offering in return for the brand the appearance of an honest cooperation.


By those means we don't contribute to a growing amount of bot traffic or fake profiles, but have a pool of social media pioneers that ease the first struggle to get started on Instagram and co. Or help an established brand create more positive buzz around it after a shitstorm has hit.


Building trust by giving back to a community.


The next step in our journey by ClickIn is to cater to a local audience. For example if your brand is in a certain city, we calculated how much we need to invest to gain local users for our community, that is in return interested in consuming active advertisements.