24 Feb 2020

Using ClickIn for online reputation management (ORM) brings the platform back to its origins. The first test month was developed around the means to rank down a fake news article about a private person in Vienna (compare the study case below). It was a success!


So how does ORM with ClickIn work? Our main product is used to increase traffic and dwell time on a certain website, thus increasing the click-through-rate and rank of the clients website. With ORM it is a bit more complicated: the links below the fake news or negative press need to surpass the culprit.


This means, if the bad link is ranking on the 6th place, you need to create four campaigns for fitting links ranking below to overtake the unwanted one, therefore shoving it on the second search engine results page (SERP).


This is how you can use the tool for your online reputation management. But how does it actually work and what is ORM about?


Online Reputation Management is meant for private persons or companies with an online presence. There are for example a lot of links if you look up a brand in a search engine. Most of the entries are first the website, maybe some e-commerce, next Social Media and news stories. Buying something from this brand will then be decided on information you can gather about them.


Take for example a sports brand, when you want to get new running shoes. First you search for “running shoes” and a lot of brands come up. Next you might look into the different brands to verify if they are worth your money and support. Just imagine the impact for the brand, when an article would appear on the first SERP stating something about mistreating working conditions and being not sustainable for the environment. Would you buy a product from them?


Going into detail with this example. The source of the news in most cases wouldn’t matter that much. Of course if it would be a renown source like the New York Times, the brand has different problems than only reputation management, but what about shady sources and maybe even actual fake news? That can hit the brand hard, even though it is misinformation.


For these cases ORM can help to improve a brand's impression to others. First trying to take the fake news down, which is not always possible. Secondly, creating positive articles and links about the brand. And lastly, overtaking the negative link to push it down in the search results, so no one will find it when looking for relevant keywords.


The last step can strongly be complemented with ClickIn. Our tool is used to increase a website's rank in search results by sending real people as traffic to the website. Our users spend a preset time on the page and get a monetary reward after completing this task. Therefore, we can help the 7th place on a search query overtake the 6th place.