Online Reputation Tool

Increase the rank of positive news about your brand and push fake news to the second SERP and below.

Decrease the rank of negative and misleading news

Your brand and name is important - take care of it.


Online Reputation Management gained more interest in recent years due to search results about a brand and name are the first things people get in touch with. Your website is not the first thing they see - only if it ranks first. Besides negative and misleading pages about your name, we also saw an increase in so called "fake news" - stories that are on purpose misleading or untrue. Studies suggest "fake news" spread broader, faster and stay longer relevant.


To combat this 21st century issue ClickIn provides a simple solution.

Our Solution

Influencing results in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) by sending traffic to more positive news about your brand.


While the impact of organic traffic and CTR (click-through-rate) are still highly debated in the SEO world, the aspect of having new and relevant content is not.

It is easy to understand the effect of sending traffic from our community of real people to your website. The increase in interest in your content or positive pages will be noticeable in about a week. Even though the effect is only short term, it gives you valuable time. This means, by the time the boosted websites go back to their old places, the negative search result aged as well. Enough time for you to create new positive articles and websites about your name and brand.


The unwanted news will never see the first result page again. Just ClickIn!


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