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Social Media Interaction

Our worldwide community helps you grow your social media user base with comments, likes and shares.

Promote your Socials to our Community

The Social Media Interaction service we provide reaches from likes and follows to social shares and views - powered by a worldwide Community of real people.

Social Media

Social shares

Promote you business by sharing your message worldwide with our online community of real people.

What does it give to you:

  • Distribution of news, events, information about new products

  • “Word-of-mouth” type of ads

  • Brand awareness increase

Organic comments / likes / saves

Say no to bots! Let real users help your social media to grow.

What does it give to you:

  • Increase in reach and impressions

  • Getting to Instagram Top 9 posts for hashtags/location

  • Potential organic users/clients engagement


Increase the number of your real followers with ClickIn!

What does it give to you:

  • Increase in the number of real followers

  • Potential organic users/clients engagement

  • *works better in the combination with other packages

Comments action

Don't know what makes your posts popular? Arrange live communication on special topics in your comments.

What does it give to you:

  • Discussion in comments makes the post more interesting and helps to get to the Instagram Top 9

  • Increase in reach and impressions

  • Increase in the number of real followers

Social shares are links to your website by one of our users on their own social media profile. With that you increase your brand awareness not just to our community, but also to friends of our members.


Organic views / subscriptions in YouTube

Make your YouTube channel more popular with ClickIn!

What does it give to you:

  • Increase in the number of views

  • Getting more real followers to your channel

  • Increase in personal / brand awareness

Organic app downloads / usage / reviews in Google Play

Let our users download, use your apps and write positive reviews!

What does it give to you:

  • Increase the number of downloads and uses of your application

  • Increase the rating of the application in Google play

Buzz Manager

Social shares, blog posts and positive buzz around your brand.
Get in contact to create your individual campaign with ClickIn!

Buzz Manager by ClickIn is a customized strategy for your name and brand that consists of distinct interactions on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter), Blogs and News-websites, forums with relevant topics and furthermore platforms for photo- (Pinterest) and video-sharing (YouTube).


All means aim to create a positive buzz around your name and brand.

Our competitive Advantage

A community of mobile users at your command!


The community we build consists of real people with real social media accounts. This guarantees you no risk of negative impact when buying interaction for your social channels. When the content you create is great, you might even get lifetime followers.


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